Friday, February 12, 2010

indie love songs mix #2

As promised, I have another love mix for you; and if your an authentic indie kid like me then I expect you to record these songs to a cassette using your mom or pops 1979 Walkman pro, and then give the authentic "mixtape" to person you desire the most. Hopefully you'll write something on the tape too. Something like, "Love conquers all", "The love always remains", or "Love is a battlefield" just something that references music and/or is terribly cliché. This is all assuming your a super alt lover like me, not everyone can be I guess.

City and Color- Against The Grain
Sebadoh- Think (Let Tomorrow Bee)
The Raconteurs- Together
Page France- We Remain As Two
The Mountain Goats- Love Love Love
Best Friends Forever- Handpocket
Failure- Stuck On You
Emiliana Torrini- Big Jumps
Sondre Lerche- Words & Music
Built To Spill- Car
Bon Iver- Blood Bank

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  1. I just stumbled on this blog via my RSS feed to hype m. I've gotta say, I'm mighty impressed. welcome to my blog feed, and my blog list

    PS I am more alt than you ; )

  2. Man, I just realized that Im seriuously IN LOVE, thanks for this.